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    Default Single Sign On - Struts

    Hi all,

    I am a no-vice to java, but have two application which I am supporting developed on struts. Both these applications use Websphere Application Server of different versions and reside on different locations . I cannot do anything with install. However I have been assigned with a task to have single sign-on to both the applications.

    What came to mind was simple creating jsp page which would authenticate using form based authentication and get me to a page which would list both the application.Now when a user any of the application,instead of the application asking him to re-login,it should route him to 2nd page of the application.

    The Problem Statement:
    Since both the application are custom made and in strut I have no idea how they function.The below shows how the link function
    1.Login Screen : http://Application/
    2.Post Login :http://Application1/
    It probably might be storing sessions, but if any one can guide where do i need to look fo to find these session variables, as no where can I find files with .do extensions,but yes we loginform.jsp

    I am attaching three files from on of the application LMS which if solved I can take care of the rest. Attached are login.jsp and index.jsp and also to support I have attached web.xml

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    Default Search for Simple Struts Tutorial

    bro i might suggest that you search a simple tutorial on struts whearas you can understand the simple flow of the framework. im also a begginer in struts

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