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    Post Good Knowledge in Hibernate and Spring Framework plz Answer

    I work in an IT company with good knowledge in J2SE and J2EE... my company has given task to finish Hibernate and spring framework asap.. i want to know from a person with adequate knowledge of above about a minimum time to finish those giving 5 hours daily.. and i want to know which is the best book for both..

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    I remember one time, at band camp, I was able to build one 'screen' about every day. for example, if there was an order system, and we needed to have a search screen, list of search results screen, a details screen, edit entry screen, typically each of these would take a day to do, from end to end wiring up the database mappings in hibernate, creating data accessors and making them spring beans, and then the front end. and the testing. oh the much painful testing.

    though largely the biggest time component is always the GUI, creating JSP screens or forms, or fighting with what ever framework to trick it into doing the things you want it to do.

    So in this example, to get one entitity working well, would take me about a week. So multiply weeks by number of entities (e.g. objects, or 'master' screens) you have to build.

    In that creating simple CRUD (create read update delete) screens is fairly fast and fits the ideal mould of hibernate + spring. but any time you need to make some extension to that, like a field on one form that is populated from a look up on another entity - do you do a pop up window, redirect the user through a screen flow to pick ? Many of these questions depend on the user interface design requirements and expectations and what frameworks you are using for the UI. Again it always seems to come down to the user interface is the largest unknown for the amount of time needed. But maybe thats because im more of the database and low level type. Sometimes even if a screen is functional there might be the political side of a look and feel requirement department that would require you to build the screen to conform to existing user interface standards.

    Oh, and if the application is to be supported into multiple languages, you really have to allocate a lot of time for the translator to get the resource bundle strings translated for you. Its difficult when building new applications because the list of resource keys needing translating is always changing. But in the past we sent of bails of resource bundles to be translated and there was a bit of unexpected time needed to integrate and test to make sure everything worked. oddly enough the biggest problem was the text in the other language didn't fit the screen areas, and we had to really tweak the style sheets to make the forms not look bad.

    Another good example, is adding a "create printable view' to an entire application that did not have this support before. that is creating another view for all existing views. it really comes down to what model view controller framework or tools you happen to have to use will make this easy or very hard to do.

    And a lot of this assumes you can get ramped up into the idealogies of hibernate and spring fairly quickly, and you are able to get a developer instance of the application stack set up to work in, and possibly have a second shared QA or testing server instance, so that the business stakeholders can review the progress as it goes before it needs to be deployed into production. This is important because it often comes up that requirements can change after they were given to you, and possibly the updated features were not communicated to you, or they see the screen in action and come up with a better way they now want to have things done. So you really can't do the 'big bang' approach, as it becomes unmanageable to reiterate the change requests into the system.

    But generally, estimates should be of the order of (units of) 'weeks'., not days or hours.
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