I am working on a website in struts. For URL redirection, httpredirectfilter java interface is used in thos website. All the redirections are working fine, except one for which I sought for your help.

Currently, we have 3 locales in my site that work on 2 Top Level Domains.

Locale Names
en_US ------ For US

en_CA ------ For Canada

fr_CA ------- For Canada

Top Level Domain (TLDs)



Currently all the locales work in conjunction with both the TLDs. This is affecting our GA tracking, so we decided to restrict Canada locales to .ca TLD and US locale to .com TLD. For this purpose, I made code modifications in two of the files, httpredirectfilter.xml & .htaccess. I tested these modifications in our local environment and they work good. However, when I push them to production site, these modifications are not reflected in the live site. Not able to understand the reason for this. Hosting company says there is no configuration on their end which stops redirection. So I seek to work with you to check if this is a permission issue. In case, if its something different from permission issue, please let me now on that.

I'll be grateful for any help provided.