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    Default [SELENIUM] Retrieve the value of a hidden input type

    I must make Selenium testing to check if the application works properly. I managed to get them all but one for which I must recover the value of a hidden input type.

    Here is the html code generated:
    XML Code:
    <form action="" method="post" name="myForm">
    <input type="hidden" value="2616950" name="id"/>
    Here is the code that does not work:
    Java Code:
    String myId  = selenium.getValue("name='id'");
    Here is the error returned:
    Java Code:
    10:49:30.831 INFO - Command request: getValue[name='id', ] on session 9dbb91fe3e914b778d07fc4ce97f53bd
    10:49:30.865 INFO - Got result: ERROR: Element name='id' not found on session 9dbb91fe3e914b778d07fc4ce97f53bd

    If someone has an idea,


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    Java Code:
    String myId = selenium.getValue("name");

    r035198x(<---knows ziltch about selenium and is therefore shooting in the dark.

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