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    Default web tutorial

    Hi there, I'm new to webapp creation and want to try making one using eclipse, maven and spring.
    The tutorials I find on the net use the maven-archetype-webapp to start their creation, but for some reason that doesn't work on my eclipse... When I fire it up its settings start with a of mix of two other webapp projects that are in my eclipse. These other projects were created by other people.
    Is there anywhere a quick tutorial for creating a basic webapp, using maven, that doesnt make use of the maven archetype? Preferably without using any other tools/frameworks like jboss, if that is possible.

    Thanks in advance for any tips on this,


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    Not very clear what you are trying to do here. I would suggest

    1. you create a new Workspace in Eclipse and start fresh.
    2. Start small example and try to have a "Hellow World" app in spring first
    3. Once app is ready think about maven automation.

    Here are few good books to start with SPRING framework

    Beginning Spring Framework 2

    Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
    Have fun....

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