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    Default log4j: Multiple entries on Tomcat stdout file using log.error

    Hi All,

    We are getting a strange issue on using log.error on our application. We are using log4j for logging. In our application we log the errors encountered by the app using log.error(). But instead of printing the error once it prints number of times. If we use System.out.println statement just before log.error(), The content on System.out.println gets printed only once but the log.error prints its content multiple time. Someone please help us to find out what causes the multiple entries on Tomcat's stdout file.

    Thanks in advance

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    This is a typical problem with multiple Log appender being configured in your file. Please post your file content here and I assist you with this.

    sometimes there are multiple file in application CLASSPATH which causes this so make sure you have only one file in your app CLASSPATH.
    Have fun....

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