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    Default question about struts-config.xml

    Can anyone tell me what does action tag do and its attributes?
    I've read tutorials and manuals but I still haven't understood the concept
    can you help me?
    thanks in advance

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    Action tag specifies what action has to be taken when a particular key(specified by has been encountered in ur JSP code.

    attribute path specifies by what name u want to specify the action in the struts-config.xml,
    scope can be request, session,
    name is the name of ur form class
    type is the full path of ur action class... eg; com.urcompany.struts.action.ACTIONCLASSNAME

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    Just adding some more attributes to wat "Problem" mentioned

    validate : can be true or false... specifies whether to validate the form[html/jsp] using the form bean. In other words this will execute validate() method from ur formbean.

    input : the file name wherein the form[jsp] resides. The values from this files will be populated in the form bean for validation.

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