i have created One class MyLogger in which i declared one property for Logger class.also i have some method like debug,error,info etc.I am using those method in application classes to log the statement.but it log the line number from my Logger class.i want it to print line number from where i call my debug or error method means line number of application class.

i have my Logger class have following property.
private Logger logger;
private static final String LOGGER_NAME = "FileLogger.";

initializing that property.
this.logger = Logger.getLogger(LOGGER_NAME + loggerName);

methods from MyLogger class
public void debug(String strMessage){
this.logger.debug(strMessage); e.g Line Number = 32

public void error(String strMessage,Exception e){
/** jdbc Logger Object to log error in database. */
Logger jdbcLogger = Logger.getLogger(JDBC_LOGGER);
jdbcLogger.error(strMessage, e);
this.logger.debug(strMessage, e);e.g Line Number = 46

if i use above method in my any class like

private MyLogger logger = MyLogger.getLogger(CustomerClass.class.getName());

logger.debug("inside a method");
e.g Line Number = 56

so in my log file i want line number to be printed 56 .but its printing 32 from MyLogger class.

Please HELP me....its urgent.....:o