Hello And sorry for my basic English,
I'm a begeneer in java , eclipse technology and hoping you could help Me .
My question is about : JBoss server and eclipse..

In fact, i have an application imported localy and tested under tomcat6..
for migrate this application to JBoss server i have downloaded , install and start JBoss 5 under eclipse ..until now allthing alright...trying to deploy my application i have export it in WAR format in this reportory : C:\Apps\JBoss\jboss-5.1.0.GA\server\default\deploy

Once done i have created file called : web-inf in the same reportory. int web_inf i have placed jboss-web.xml inside i have copied and past the web.xml of the application.

When i try localhost:8080 the page of managing is well posted But when i try localhost:8080/myapplicationAS I do in tomcat(with success).. I have error my page doesnt posted.

Do you think web-inf is put at the good repertory ,how do you think about my jboss-xml..whiche pathya should i change..Is my WAR file contains all the application exported from tomcat projects??

Or could me give me Steps to test an existing jee2 application (tested under tomcat eclipse) UNDER JBOSS..

Thank you for Help

Best Regards