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    Default Preserving web application configuration


    For the web applications I developed before I stored application setting (database connection information, logging parameters, etc) under WEB-INF directory. But because of that I cannot just redeploy the application when it needs to be updated, I have to either save these files, redeploy, and then restore them, or update manually, file by file, keeping application settings intact. I'm starting another web application and trying to figure out, maybe there is a better way? The application is supposed to be run under Tomcat but if there is a way to keep it application server agnostic - even better. Does anyone knows how application settings can be kept more easily?

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    Anythig inside WEB-INF dir is app specific. If you are looking for db connection which can be shared acrross apps then use app server connection pools using datasource.

    Not sure if there is similar for logging exists.
    Have fun....

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