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    Default Struts Document Management System

    Can someone guide me on how to go about the simple project below. Most of the ebooks i have gone through are very shallow on this subject. :)

    You are a consultant that travels between a number of clients (or you soon will be). When on a client site you would like to have access to your personal files.

    To resolve this problem develop a user friendly, struts based, application that allows you to upload and download files from your server.

    Your application needs to have the following features.

    1. The application must be secure, a user name and password must be used to access the system.

    2. Each user will have one of two roles, read-only or read-write. Users who have the read-only role should only be able to browse the site and download files.

    3. The site should include a graphical representation of the directory structure.

    4. The list of files should be displayed separately to the directory structure although it can be on the same page.

    5. Users with the read-write role should be able to add, rename and delete directories.

    6. Users with the read-write role should also be able to add, rename and delete files and upload new versions of existing files.

    7. Nobody should be able to delete the root folder.

    8. Users attempting to delete anything should receive an 'Are you sure?' prompt before the delete is processed.

    Your code must be well documented and should delivered for review as a WAR file.

    Thank You !!

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    Paperless Overnight is a Document Management System, and complete office workflow solution. It is based on the bottom up delegation concept. We require no software or hardware purchase and you can be paperless for as little as .15.

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    Default Integrate Document Management System to Application

    we are new to the Document Management System. We are implemented A web based application, Now we are looking to integrate Document Management System in to Existing Application.

    We are using JSP, Servlets, Tomcat and Mysql.

    How can we integrate existing Document Management System into this application using above technologies.

    Please provide me some link or sample java code or sample document management application.

    And provide me List of Document Management System Applications.

    provide me the Best Document management application from the List.

    Helping will be really Appreciated, Thanks in Advance,


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