Ok, here we go :)
I was working a small page that would dynamically load data from multiple databases, each having several different fields. I was using Struts 1.3.8 and i could specify the input fields to be of name dynaProperty(${fieldName}) and the dynaProperty was a function I had in my ActionForm.

Of course now Struts 2 had pretty much removed the use of ActionForms, I'm having an issue trying to use the same type of method. So instead of a whole new redesign of the application, I'd like to re-use what I have in the older version.

my inputs are as follows..

<s:textfield theme="simple" name="dynaProperty(%{value.column})" value="%{value.value}" size="40" label="field.label.%{value.column}"></s:textfield>

which renders the value = the TransferObject I have, and inside this Object I have column, value, and other fields.

so when they submit the form, I want the property dynaProperty to take the value.column, store it in a hashMap with the value it gets from the box.

Any ideas? would you like to see more of the code? I can explain more if need be. :)