Hi Guys,

I hava login action which logs the user in, loads his data and then moves onto the JSP where it is displayed. I have come across one problem though with the struts. If I set my struts to the following:

Java Code:
<action name="ManagerPanel">
	<interceptor-ref name="LoginChecker"/>

<action name="Login" class="LoginManager">
	<result name="input">/main/index.jsp</result>
	<result name="error">/main/index.jsp</result>
In the login action, the final result is to forward to manager.jsp. This works perfectly fine. But if I use <result name="manager" type="redirect">ManagerPanel.action</result> in the place of <result>/main/user/manager.jsp</result> the data is not forwarded to the JSP. does anyone know why ? And how I can correct this?