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    Default Architecture of Web Application


    Can anybody tell me what all are the drawbacks of writing a web application in Java without following MVC or any specific architecture, ie using only jsps to handle everything.

    How session management would be effective in such an application?
    How scalable would be such an application?

    Corrently I am in the process of rewriting such an application.
    I want the rewritten application to manage the session porperly, and it should be scalable.

    Then what architecture would be perfect for me.

    Please advice.

    Thank You!

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    I have had to do that in the past. The only advice I can give you is to rewrite everything in an MVC framework. An application like that is a nightmare to maintain.

    Sessions, security, scalability would depend on the framework you choose. Any framework you choose I guarantee is going to be better than using JSPs for all tiers and aspects.

    Right now I am evaluating Grails, maybe you should give it a look. There are many popular web frameworks like Spring MVC, Wicket, Googles GWT (this one is very nice), and many more. So choosing one can be hard.

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