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    Default struts 2 and databases

    Hi, I'm new to struts , but I 'am supposed to migrate(redevelop) to struts a web application for school.The application is based on servlets, database,javascript,jsp .The first problem that I can't tackle myself is how am I going to use the database in struts. In the old application I have a class that builds the database,if it hasn't already been build and functions that manipulate the data. I used an instance of this class in the servlet to perform various tasks, but I don't know how should the database in the various classes that will implement the actions.So what strategies are there available ? (if possible without using other technologies )

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    If you are using Netbeans 6.x IDEs, then you can go for the netbeans site.
    There you can find a no. of examples for Struts-database connections using different database application.
    Please try for it...

    Best of luck.

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