I have a page having information corresponding to a particular role..and there is a button for mapping/unmapping resources to that particular role...The problem is this button should open a pop-up with the whole resources' list with checkmark in already mapped resources' checkbox...and the user can then do map/unmap as he likes...i am using struts+spring dispatchactionsupport....

i have given the button as..
<html:button value="Map Resource" onclick="javascript:popitup('Role_Map_Resource.jsp ')" property="mapping" styleClass="orangebtn"></html:button>

and in script
function popitup(url) {
newwindow=window.open(url,'name','height=300,width =300');
if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()}
return false;

But even this pop-up is not working...it's giving 404 error....only after getting this i can think of pre-populating it....Pls help if anyone knows what's wrong in this code.....