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    Question How to check multibox value is null

    I am getting the value of a multibox as a string array...but if none of the boxes are checked then the value becomes null and it is giving null pointer exception...How can i solve that?
    My jsp code is
    <logic:iterate id="data" name="resourcelist"
    type="" indexId="index">

    <td><html:multibox property="resourcechecked"

    <td><bean:write name="data" property="resourceId" />

    <td><bean:write name="data" property="resourceName" /></td>
    <td><bean:write name="data" property="description" /></td>
    <td><html:multibox property="viewStatusChecked"
    <td><html:multibox property="editStatusChecked"

    and corresponding action class code is

    String[] resourceName=new String[30];
    String[] viewChecked=new String[30];
    String[] editChecked=new String[30];

    resourceName= roleBean.getResourcechecked();

    I have tried with array length property ,.equals(null)....everything is giving null pointer exception...Pls give some solution....

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    If array.length is giving you a NPE then the variable array is null.
    Test if array is null. One or more of your get methods is returning null.

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