I am displaying a list in a JSP page using the following code..The problem is i have to add 2 radio buttons(View & Edit) at the end of each row for the status field of each resource..The list is from resource table and this status is from roleresourcemapping table....I have tried with <html:radio> tag..but can select only one radio button at a time from the whole rows....Is there any other way to do this????

<logic:iterate id="data" name="resourcelist"
type="com.sp.dct.security.bo.ResourceBO" indexId="index">

<tr><td><html:multibox property="resourcechecked"
<td><bean:write name="data" property="resourceId" /> </td>
<td><bean:write name="data" property="resourceName" /></td>
<td><bean:write name="data" property="description" /></td>
<!--<td><html:radio name="data" property="status" value="V"/></td>
<td><html:radio name="data" property="status" value="E"/></td>-->