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    Default Back button

    This task seems to be easy, but i stuck up for a while.

    I need to create a sequence of 3 web pages 2 times: first time for adding, second time for editing. Every page has a BACK button inside the .jsp code.

    I did the adding part and most of the code i reused (copy-paste) in editing part. Everything works fine EXCEPT the BACK button in the editing part.
    Actually, the editing button BACK goes to the same page where the adding BACK button goes.

    Java Code:
          <td width="340" valign="top">
              <html:submit styleId="trackingSubmit" onmouseover="'trackingSubmitSelected'" style="WIDTH: 120px; HEIGHT: 25px"
              onmouseout="'trackingSubmit'" value="Back" onclick="bCancel=true"  property="back"/>
    How should i go BACK to the appropriate page? Can you post me code for button inside the .jsp that will function same as the browsers back button?


    I tried with the javascript history too, without success

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    Default Re:Back button

    Use history.Back() method,u will get a ans.

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