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Thread: testing threads

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    Default testing threads

    i'm trying to write test cases for my codes and i am stuck on how to begin this. anyone available to help

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    Default Re: testing threads

    Please do not double post questions in the forum. I've had to lock your duplicate question.

    Consider posting more details on your problem since usually the better the question, the better the answer. For your question about all I can figure out doing is to give you a link to the Java tutorials: The Really Big Index. But if you can tell us and show us more, we'll likely be much better able to give you more specific help. A good rule of thumb is to put as much effort into writing your question as you'd like a volunteer to expend answering it.

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    Default Thread case, please check :D

    Hi guys,

    I hope you can help me with my test case. I am currently writing a test case for my condition variable case to see if the thread is asleep, or awake. Below are a few lines of what I have and just curious if you guys can help me out with the organization since I am still a noob at this stuff. Any help is appreciated!

    package nachos.threads;
    import nachos.machine.*;

    public class Condition2Tester {

    public Condtion2Tester(Lock condition) {
    this.conditionLock = conditionLock;

    //checks to see if the thread is running

    public Condition2Tester(Check thread condition)
    display.getThread = getThread;
    Thread.currentThread = currentThread;
    if (display.getThread() == Thread.currentThread()) {

    System.out.println("thread" + getThread + " is running");
    System.out.println("thread" + currentThread + "is running");


    //checks to see if thread is asleep
    public void WakeUpTest()

    if (Thread.CurrentThread.ThreadState == ThreadState.WaitSleepJoin);

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    Default Re: testing threads

    Don't start a new thread for a follow-on post, and especially not when you haven't bothered to reply to responses in the earlier started thread.

    I've merged the two threads here.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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