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Thread: Bully Algorithm

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    Default Bully Algorithm

    I have a basic knowledge of threads but i have a problem to solve and i have some difficulties.I want to implement the Bully Algorithm for leader election in Java.I want to use at least 8 processes and each process to be able to start the election.A random generator will have to be used in each process ot make it 'fail' with a certain probability in every step and each process will print a message of failure and stop replying to other processes.Finally each process will print a message of what is doing (requests permission,announces leadership and so on).If anyone has aa suggestion is very welcome.I am very confused and i would appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Bully Algorithm

    Get a good understanding of how the algorithm works, design code to implement it, write and debug the code.
    If you have problems getting the code to work, post your code here with a description of the problem and/or questions about it.

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