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    Default Thread without run() method

    I have a problem and i can't seem to find correct solution using Google. I write application using JNI and in that app the c++ code makes callbacks to Java method and i need that to be realize by a separated thread but when in a run() method i use
    Java Code:
    public void metchodToBeCalledFromCpluspluc(byte[] arr)
    {int result = processArrayInJava(arr);}
    public void run()
    it seem to blocking calls from that function. Can you pint me to the right direction?

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    I really don't know what you're expecting, but of you call a run method that does nothing but endlessly loop, I guess i would expect it to lock up a full CPU...and it sounds like that's what it's doing. What are you expecting?

    If you want to launch a Java thread from native code, don't directly call the 'run' method. That isn't how you create or start a thread. Instead, call a method that creates your thread and starts it.

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