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    Default a hard question about process

    Hi, I am running a processing in my program and the program needs to wait for the process until it finishes. While the processing is executing, a file is automatically written and it is opened as a window, but the window does not close until I mannully close it. Is there any method/code to close the window when the process is done?

    Process proc = Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "ls "+ something);


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    Is the window a component you brought up as part of your application? If so, you can call 'dispose' on the window object to mak eit go away.

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    Process.waitFor() waits until the process terminates. If the process is a GUI application, it will normally terminate only when its window is closed. You can forcibly close the process using Process.destroy(), but you'll need to check that it's done whatever it was supposed to do first.

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