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    Post IllegalMonitorStateException from synchronized block

    My code throws an IllegalMonitorStateException on 'object.wait()'
    call, even though wait is invoked inside a synchronized block. And
    this exception occurs randomly, not always.

    below is my code snippet:
    while (!mFinish) {
    synchronized (mResponse) {
    if (!mResponse.isEmpty()) {
    do something
    } else {
    try {
    } catch (InterruptedException ie) {

    Also all the 'notify' methods are in synchronized block.
    Please point out if there is anything wrong in my code?

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    you probably have another thread that changes mResponse. If that's the case, what happens is this:

    - Thread 1 synchronizes on mResponse=Object A
    - Thread 2 sets mResponse=Object B
    - now Thread 1 attempts to execute wait() on Object B, on which it hasn't synchronized.

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