i has a table in school DB in mysql named student,
studentid,studentname,class,mark are the columns
all are varchars(25) no autoincerment columns
i has to enter the values in such a way that the entering be next number of studentid
so first i select studentid from student then add 1 to that and show on a non editable text box so the user has to insert the name mark and class,
on inserting there is also a checking that it has already entered or not also,ok
the problem is when 5 users concurrently has taken the application then all of will get the same studentid,because the same qury will executed so.then all the 5 members may click enter button then how can i shedule the studentid in an arranged manner

studentid name mark class
1 kkkk 10 5
2 ppp 15 5

now if i take the adding it will show 3 in studentid text box and all the other 4 members also,

i think you got my problem please suggest a valuble reply
the same problem in sandalone as wellas web programme by thread

thanking you all