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    Default When to use threads

    I read this from this tutorial :Introduction to Java threads

    Consider a simulation application, where you simulate the interaction
    between multiple entities. Giving each entity its own thread can greatly simplify many
    simulation and modeling applications.
    It makes no sense for me. May you explain more?

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    It means you can do more than one thing at the same time.
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    Suppose that right now, you are on one computer and I'm on another. We are both executing different code at the exact same time. We are operating in different 'threads' - simultaneous CPU usage.

    You can do the same thing on 1 computer. For example, you can chat on your browser while a movie is playing. These are different threads.

    But, you can also chat in your browser while an annoying flash ad is playing in the same program. These are different threads too.

    Threads are what allow your program to execute multiple sections of code at the exact same time (...nevermind what happens on a single core). Your code can handle mouse and keyboard events while also rendering graphics and sound...for example, if you use multiple threads.

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