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    Default getting running application from task manager

    Hai everyone,

    i need some idea regarding how to get the information about the application running in a system from task manager in java.Can anyone say me the methodology,like is there any API to do it.Please help me.Thanks.

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    You need a toolkit that uses native code to access the OS. I found this link, but I haven't tried it, so it might melt your processor. It has Javadoc, so it apparently has Java support. It can access many types of OS.

    For tagging: Java retrieve Windows OS information

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    thanx buddy....I don't if it helped the thread starter or not, but it helped me a lot !!!!

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    If you know of an API to do it in C, you can call that API from Java if you use JNI (Java Native Interface).

    JNI lets you write methods for Java in C. You could write some C functions that call the functions you need from the existing API, and return the result to the Java code.

    Some JNI info:
    (the forum doesn't let me post links so I give you Google search terms. For each one, click on the first result from Google.)
    A simple example of JNI:
    google "Trivial JNI example"
    The JNI specification:
    google "Java Native Interface Specification"


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