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    Default launching .rm file outside java

    there are rm files on tree nodes and i want to open these files via tree event

    jTree1.addTreeSelectionListener(new TreeSelectionListener() {
    public void valueChanged(TreeSelectionEvent e){
    TreePath tp = e.getPath();
    Runnable xxx = new RunReal(tp);
    Thread th = new thread(xxx);

    public class RunReal implements Runnable {
    Runtime r;
    Private String source;
    Private String file;
    TreePath tp;

    public RunReal(TreePath tp) {
    r = Runtime.getRuntime();
    source = realplayer.exe's location;
    file = folder location + tp.getLastPathComponent().toString(); = tp;

    public void run(){
    String[] params = new String[2];
    params[0] = source;
    params[1] = file;
    try {
    Process p = r.exec(params);
    } catch(Exception ex){

    in main()...

    SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {
    public void run(){
    //frame settings

    when i click on a node realplayer launches but when i set the minute from realplayer to a different value realplayer locks. also when i click on different nodes several times realplayer again locks. need help please

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    First thing you want to do is to at least put a
    Java Code:
    in your catch block so you see if there are any Exceptions being thrown.

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    It looks like RealPlayer might be locking on its own.

    One thing you can try:
    Print the contents of params to System.out, and run Realplayer yourself with those same arguments and see if the error reoccurs. If it does then the error is either caused by the arguments or by RealPlayer.

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