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    Default Compress text in java

    Hello friends,

    i want to compress text in my application.
    if text is like:::::: hi i called you just before noon
    after compression it should be like:::::::: hi i cald u juz b4 12

    any idea how to do that
    Rakesh Mehta

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    Looks like you want to create an SMS dictionary that translates text between standard speech and SMS-talk. If you want this translation to go one way, then a Map such as a HashMap could work well. If you want a bi-directional translation, then you may need to use a bi-directional map, something that I believe Java doesn't have, but I think is available open source, possibly via Apache.

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    what about building a small embeddable SQL database, such as H2 database into your application, where you start up the database in process of your application. With minimal JDBC you can have one table that has two columns, the english word and the compressed word.

    I found it convenient, even decadently wasteful to abuse an embedded SQL database as an arbitrary complex map.

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