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    Default Desktop Clock

    Could anyone please help, I'm trying to develop an Application with the following:

    1. Create a GUI that has three buttons, namely: Start, Stop and Exit.
    2. The user is permitted to enter the number of philosophers.
    3. When the Start is clicked, the application begins by displaying the state of all
    philosophers. A philosopher can be in three states – Thinking, Hungry and Eating.
    4. Philosophers can stay Thinking or Eating for randomly selected periods between 2 and
    5 seconds.
    5. The state of all philosophers is displayed every 50 milliseconds.
    6. When the Stop button is pressed all philosophers sleep.
    7. When the Exit button is pressed the application closes.
    8. A sample of the display is shown below:

    Philosopher 1 is thinking… (2 seconds)
    Philosopher 2 is eating…
    Philosopher 3 is hungry… (1 second)
    Philosopher 4 is eating…

    1. Develop the Monitor class.
    2. Develop the Philosopher class
    3. Develop other classes as necessary.

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    Sounds like homework. We can't do that for you. If you have a specific question, usually based on some code you include, we will help...

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