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    Unhappy project is out of sync with file system?

    1. my pc was turned off due to power failure while tomcat is running in eclipse 3.4.1.. when i get back to run my project back i suddenly see red x mark on my projects that has servlets or jsp, other other pure java apps are runing well.. now i cannot export those projects coz i get this "Resource 'MedicalInventory/webapp/WEB-INF/src/mypackage' is out of sync with file system, the errors are from WORK folder the package org.apache.jsp files under it are having errors.. how do fix this?

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    If you are talking about the work directory in the Tomcat installation, then you shut down Tomcat, if it is running, and delete everything *beneath* the work directory. This is where Tomcat compiles everything while it is running.

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