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    Default web based version control

    i want to develop a webbased verison control in java can any one help me in doing the coding please

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    . User registration and access privilege to the repository.
    2. Administrator’s privilege to edit user profiles
    3. Stream management. ( A stream is a file base which is independent of other file bases. The scope of all version-control actions are restricted to a file-base. ) Users have option to select the stream from list-down box.
    4. User Interface:
    a. User has option to select stream.
    b. User has option to traverse the Folder tree.
    c. The last folder of a tree will have the documents.
    d. User can view all versions of a document.
    e. User can up-version a document simply by uploading that document again.
    f. User can delete only the latest version which he/she has created.
    g. User can create the initial version of the document.
    5. The version numbering will happen automatically.
    6. Administrator can freeze a file-base.

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    You have no idea how complex real version control is, and there are good, open-source packages available. Check out Subversion (SVN) on Wikipedia.
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