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    Default Factory problem: How to Solve it

    The Marble generators produce RED , BLUE and GREEN, marbles continously ( Marble are identified by color and seq - eg RED001) and store it in the Repository (Notepad or DB).
    The Marble Packaging Unit ( Consumer ) should pack the marbles by color when number of Marble of specific color reaches 100.(Marbles are removed when packed).
    Use Threading for production and consumption from the queues.

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    what is your question?
    you want the solution or you have some problems with your code?
    if it's the second post your code also

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    I wonder how many posts there are that ask about generating red, blue, and green marbles. Does some professor have an enormous class, or is this a question from a "1001 Exercises for Java 101" book?

    Post some code, with a specific question about that code, and we'll be happy to look at it. Meanwhile, try They have very reasonable rates...

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