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    Default multi-server and threads

    GooD Evening every one ;

    I have a problem and I hope that some one can help me..

    I write a class named Server which has an inner class named ClientServerThread .. Now, I want to create multiple servers in the main but that execute the first statement only .. e.g.

    Server x = new Server(int serverId);
    Server y = new Server(int serverId);

    Can I find any reason for that , or any alternative solutions..?!

    I hope that clear..

    Best regrads..

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    So your Server class isn't doing anything? All you did was call its constructor. What does the constructor do? If you want to do something with the inner class, like start a thread against it, the constructor could do that.

    However, if all you Server class is doing is starting a thread against an inner class, the inner class is unnecessary. Simplify your design by moving the inner class logic to Server and getting rid of the inner class. Or, I could have guessed wrong ;-)

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    Thank you steve11235 for your answer,

    I think I'm understand your point, my outer class has an instructor that wait for a client and start a thread, the inner class contains the method run to do the operating..

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