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    Default Threads execution stop

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    Hi All

    I want to stop my threads invokation.

    My code is like this -

    public void run(){
    strClobOutput = extract(strqueue,iPartitionSize);
    System.out.println("strClobOutput :" + strClobOutput);

    I am getting counts as global variable from a table.

    public String extract(String strQueue, int iPartition) {
    iRecordsCount = cs_extraction_sp.getInt(4);

    I want to check if iRecordsCount = 0, then stop executing extractor.

    please suggest me on this.


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    public void run()
    while(cs_extraction_sp.getInt(iRecordsCount) > 0){}

    We are lacking enough detail to provide a correct response, the above may suggest an avenue of design but is incomplete due to not having enough code to work from.
    Introduction to Programming Using Java.
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