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    Exclamation SWT - Problem with setTabList


    I've created two Control[]-Arrays, because i have two SWT-Object, which are in a Sashform and i only want One of them in the TabList.
    My Code:
    Java Code:
    Control[] all = New Control[]{compositeSearch, Sashform, compositeHistory};
    Control[] sash = New Control[]{groupSyonym}
    The Content of compositeSearch: 1 label, 1 TextField and 1 Button.
    Sashform: groupSyonym and 1 Browser, which shouldn't be in the tabList
    Compositehistory: two Buttons and One combo
    GroupSyonym: One Label, one List and One Button

    The order of the tabList ist right and Works. My problem is, that it only works One time. It stops St the last Element and if i press Tab, nothing happens. Usually it should Start again. If i Click on an SWT object, i can press Tab again and it works, but it never repeats. What can i do?

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    Default Re: SWT - Problem with setTabList

    My knowledge in SWT is bare, but just for the idea try adding key listener to the last element, which set the focus to the first element.


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