hi everyone! i'm new to this forum and it's my first time using SWT. so please be patient
well, here are the facts: for my own use, i'm trying to create a java application which should embed - for different reasons - ms office (i've got office 2007 installed on my laptop)
By default the round application menu button, my shortcut button for saving, etc. are either gone or disabled when the application is embedded. it's been a long time of trying out different ideas and googling around the web, looking for a way to save my word documents/excel spreadsheets/powerpnt charts, but nothing worked the way i wanted it to do.
however ole automation always throws a null pointer exception when using it while the ole client site is already running. what am i doing wrong? how has it to be done?

i hope my english is good enough, so you could understand me
thanks in advance
yours hucskfjs