Hi to everyone!

I'm not an expert in Java... and I've a strange question for you.

My goal is understand what kind of application is a particular application: I must work with this indirectly, I must write text in various fields from another application (i.e., via screen scraping).

Unfortunately, I've not this application for the moment. The only information that I've about it is same pictures and, specially, information taken by MS Spy++ (a pictures...)

About this last info I now that my form have a structures like this:

Java Code:
SWT_Window0 (Name of Application)
- SWT_Windows0
 - (a lot of child "SWT_Window0")
 - SWT_Window0
 - - javax.swing.jframe (Name of Application - Detail)
 - - - sunAwtCanvas
With Spy++ is not possible going into details of the class sunAwtCanvas, but my textFields (the target) is inside of this.

I suppose this is an SWT application, maybe with a Swing object inside it (I can see a frame swing (?) child of a SWT Shell.. like an MDI Solution. I can take the form child and move it into the fixed swt form), but I was not able to reproduce it with Eclipse (I'm trying to do a very simple application...)

Furthermore, the cild (swing?) target form have a Look and Feel a little different from the classical style Swing (but.. really, I'm not expert about it), if it were designed (but.. I am almost certain, have not an HTML form inside it)

Perhaps I do not have the knowledge to understand how it is being constructed: This is perhaps a particular framework? Do you have any idea?

Forgive me for the question too general