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    Default CCombo not working properly

    Hi everyone,
    first of all: I tried to solve the problem on my own for weeks and used google and several forum searches but didn't find an answer so I hope to find some help by posting my problem...

    My problem is that CCombos don't seem to be working in my apps. I used SWTDesigner to build my GUI but when I try to use CCombos I cannot select anything. I can type into the textfield and when I click on the arrow I can see the CCombo-Items but I cannot select anything, the items are not even highlighted when I move the cursor over them the I also cannot scroll the itemlist. When I use a "normal" Combo-widget I do not have any of the problems explained.

    I would be very happy if anyone could help me finding the reason for this...

    PS: When I use the preview function of SWTDesigner the CCombos seem to work properly but but when I try run my app.
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