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    Default Custom alignment of SWT widgets inside Composite

    Hi Friends,

    I have create a Composite object as follows.

    Composite comp = new Composite(parent, SWT.NONE);
    GridLayout gl = new GridLayout();
    gl.numColumns = 2;
    gl.verticalSpacing = 15;
    gl.horizontalSpacing = 10;
    gl.marginWidth = 20;

    I want to create 4 rows with one label and one text box. It worked fine for me.
    Now in the last row I want to display a label, Text box and a Button.
    The 4 rows were created with code something similar to given below.

    // Create a label and text box for the host
    Label myLabel = new Label(comp, SWT.NONE);
    myLabel.setText("Info: ");
    myText = new Text(comp, SWT.BORDER);
    myText.setLayoutData(new GridData(GridData.FILL_HORIZONTAL));

    I tried by increasing numColumns of Grid Layout, which resulted in label of
    next row appearing in current row. Can anyone suggest the solution please ?


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    Try putting a composite in the fourth row. Then you can set its layout to grid layout with four columns.

    Another way is make every row have the same number of items. You can use borderless Labels with no text to do that. Hokey, but it'll work.

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