I am using WizardDialog and WizardPage I have two questions:

1) WizardPage ..... setDescription seems to be limited to 2 lines of text. Is this a restriction? Or is there some option to tell it to wrap or should I see scroll bars if longer text? The behavior I see is the description is truncated.

2) When I bring up the WizardPage and hit tab key. The flow is traversed into the description section of the wizardpage. I cannot seem to figure out how to tell the Wizardpage not to traverse to the description section.

My setup for the wizard page is really basic...

public MyPage() {
super("This is my page");
setDescription("Some description");

I tried to getControl() object but it was null. I was thinking that I needed to setup a traverse listener and deny traversing to this location. I searched on many forums but have not found a way to do this.