I'm new here and I wish you can help me.
I'm from germany and my english is not the best, but I hope you understand me. if not, please say me that, so I can try to explain it again, with other words.

So now to my problem. I write a eclipse rich client plugin. And in this plugin there is a view, which should open multiple. I open this view with the function showView of the class workbenchPage , I use the showView Methode with the both ID's also the ViewID and the secondaryID. And it works fine.
But my problem is, how can i change this secondary ID after the view is open. Because I want to sign ew Datas and for this reason I want to change the secondary ID suitable to the datas.

I have read a time ago, that there is a methode, setSecondaryID but now I don't find the class, which implement this methode, and I don't know, how I can solve this problem.
Can somebody helps me, and knows, how I can realize this(the changing of the secondary ID)?

Please helps me. It is realy importend. Because I need this für a student work