dear all,

i am implementing a tableviewer that is able to sort values depengin on their column order.
e.g. column1-column2-columnX
sorts the rows first on the values of column 1, then column 2, column....

Therefore i want to use a ColumnViewerSorter, especially the method
"int doCompare(Viewer viewer, Object e1, Object e2);"

inside this method i want to sort depending on other Tableviewer Row/Cells for comparison and the difficulty is that JFace tableviewer does the sort in the view only, so i have to "ask" the tableviewer itself for the actual value of e.g. "column 1, row 20"

using the function "viewer.getElementAt(index)" inside "docompare" wold be ok, but inside docompare i do have no reference to the objects e1 and e2 position in the tableviewer.

how could i achieve that?

thanking you very much in advance for helping me

best regards,