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    Default Painting onto Aero Glass

    I'm using SWT to produce glass windows. I have the code working for the glass in the client area, but I'm running into a problem any time I try to add something to it. Any time I add anything that's dark to the window (painting dark images, drawing rectangles, etc) it will show up as transparent in that section. In fact, it seems to be doing it for all colors that aren't pure white, with varying levels of transparency.

    I have a feeling it's because you have to set the composite to black in order for the transparency to work in the first place. I found a site talking about doing it in c sharp that recommends first adding anything you want to draw to a path, and then filling the path, but when I tried that I couldn't add images to the path and the rectangles I added still produced the same effect.

    I know it's possible as I can see it done here (almost exactly what I want to do), but I can't get it to work. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

    [edit]Nevermind, I was able to solve this by adapting this code, using a Label with an image added to it.[/edit]
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