Hi! I've recently upgraded to windows 7, and I *really* like the new progress bar
in the taskbar.

While i think in many cases, it's not required; there are some cases, such as installations and file operations that make it a handy tool to have.

At the moment, I'm pretty sure SWT does not have functionality to support this, but does anyone know if the guys working on SWT have any plans to implement this?

If it were to be implemented, i'd suppose it'd look something like below:

Java Code:
//Written in the WYSIWYG editor, prolly would have bugs.
//The purpose is not to draw a shell at all, but to make the taskbar
//progress bar go to 50% and make it go to the Error state. (RED bar.)
import org.eclipse.swt.*;
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.*;

class ProgressBarTest{

Display display = null;
Shell shell = null;

public void init(){
display = new Display();
shell = new Shell(display, SWT.CLOSE);
ProgressBar bar = new ProgressBar(shell, SWT.SMOOTH, SWT.TASKBAR); //TASKBAR saying that IF the platform is windows 7, make this bar show in the taskbar.



bar.setSelection(50); //50%, essentially


public static void main(String[] args){
 ProgressBarTest test = new ProgressBarTest();


Also, in windows 7, when you right click a program, you can access some features on it without opening the windows.
Like, in itunes, you can pick a recently played song from the right click menu.

Do you think they'll implement this as well?