Hello, there.

I'm using SWT OLE Classes to integrate Excel in my App.

I have a workbook with a set of macros which proccess some data and then produces a set of results in one of the workbook's sheets. I have the workbook intagrated in a SWT GUI, using an OLE Frame.

Here's the problem. I don't know how to recover data from any of the sheets of the workbook :(

Is there a way to recover the data in the result sheet of the integrated workbook using the SWL OLE Classes? I need to extract the data in the sheet so i can then insert it in a SWT table or another GUI Element.

Can I get it directly from the OLE Document? Or would I have to read the data directly from the file? (was hoping to avoid this, because that would require to save the file with the data I need)

Do you know how could I accomplish that?

Thanks in advance.