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    Default Enable save/print in PPT using OleClientSite

    Hello all,
    I am embedding Powerpoint in a SWT window with the code below. However, the save and print buttons in PowerPoint are greyed out and disabled. When I run PowerPoint from a shortcut on my desktop, the save and print icons are enabled. Any ideas how to enable saving and printing while PPT is in a SWT widow?
    I apologize for cross posting to the SWT TIPs forum. I didn't realize it was a Tips forum until it was too late.
    Java Code:
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		Display display = new Display();
    		Shell shell = new Shell(display);
    		shell.setLayout(new FillLayout());
    		OleFrame frame = new OleFrame(shell, SWT.NONE);
    		OleClientSite clientsite;
    			clientsite = new OleClientSite(frame, SWT.NONE, "PowerPoint.Slide");
    		} catch (SWTException ex)
    			System.out.println("Failed to create <<Power Point Document>> : "
    					+ ex.getMessage());
    		while (shell != null && !shell.isDisposed())
    			if (!display.readAndDispatch())

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    I have a similar problem when opening Word within a SWT frame. The print icon is enabled but the save icon is disabled. When I open Word from a desktop shortcut, all actions are enabled.

    Marshall B.

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