Hello, to begin with, i'd like to point out that i am very new to SWT/JFACE so please dont get mad nor surprised if i say something way off.

I come to you in order to seek help for the following reason:

I am mantaining/developing a SWT/JFACE application. Since nobody knew which version the SWT/JFACE jars were i tried to update them, so i tried to replace the jars with the 3.4

I use Eclipse and i have configured a user library with the following jars:


What i did in order to update was to replace jface.jar and swt.jar with the newest versions built in the Ganymede Eclipse and then added org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86 and org.eclipse.core.commands jars

At this point, the proyects compiles with no problem whatsoever but when i try to run it i get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/core/runtime/Assert

¿Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

PD:English is not my first language so if anything seems confusing please tell me.