I need help. I keep running into a problem which is quite mysterious to me.

Before I explain problem I guess it’s important for you to know the development environment am working
JAVA Platform: JEE5 (java version "1.6.0_06")
App.Server: Tomcat 6.0
Application is using: Visual JSF framework
IDE: NetBeans 6.1

Description Of the problem: I’m a developing a web application using the visual JSF and Tomcat6.0. In the development process I’m using third party .jar libraries (Haley). When I call a method present in the third party libraries from tomcat app. server environment, I get this error below

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class com.haley.util.l from class com.haley.haleyrules.KnowledgeBaseFactory

However, when I execute the same code in a non-application server(no Tomcat server involvement) everything works fine. There is no error in plain java development environment,

Any suggestion would be appreciated

Third party vendor (Haley) keep saying that it’s a Tomcat problem because libraries work in plain JAVA environment

Thanks in advance for your help