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Thread: Sending Receiving from MIDlets

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    Default Sending Receiving from MIDlets

    Hello guys im beginner in j2me an i want to use this code but i cant do it.

    it just a snipnet code

    Java Code:
    // Lets send an SMS now.
    //get a reference to the appropriate Connection object using an appropriate url
    MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection)"sms://:50001");
    //generate a new text message
    TextMessage tmsg = (TextMessage) conn.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEXT_MESSAGE);
    //set the message text and the address
    tmsg.setAddress("sms://" + number);
    //finally send our message
    and this one

    Java Code:
    // Time to receive one.
    //get reference to MessageConnection object
    MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection)"sms://:50001");
    //set message listener
       new MessageListener() {
          public void notifyIncomingMessage(MessageConnection conn) {
             Message msg = conn.receive();
             //do whatever you want with the message
             if(msg instanceof TextMessage) {
                TextMessage tmsg = (TextMessage) msg;
             } else if(msg instanceof BinaryMessage) {
             } else {
    this codes is originaly from Sending/Receiving SMS from MIDlets [java] [sms] [j2me] [wmapi] [cldc]

    please give me the full code of that two sample thanks..

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